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Traditional Czech industrial company etsblished in 1934. Since the very beginning focused on production of high quality casting from Aluminum and Zinc based alloys. We have extended the scope of employed technologies to injection molding during 1950’s. Based on the long term development of our own design we have introduced the very first low pressure die-casting machine in the Czechoslovakia. Nowadays wide and complex portfolio of technology and services from design thru optimization and process simulation of casting tools followed by prototyping up to serial deliveries of parts including machining, final surface treatment and assemblies of complex units. The combination of variety of technologies and long term build know-how in one place makes the way of production smooth and fast from the primal idea to the serial production in mid to high volumes. Extending the standard industrial focus of our company is the field of toys, where we are present thanks to traditional Czech toys under brand Seva. Seva is the brand of creative toys present on the Czech market since 70’s.

We process various non-ferrous metal alloys and a diverse spectrum of plastic materials using different technologies.  With the ability to produce intricate and complex parts from 1g up to 20kg/pc, there is no project too small or too large for our company.

For small series castings, we utilize gravity casting into steel molds.  For larger series, we will design a low-pressure casting mold with additional cavities to ensure a quality end product.

For both these technologies we utilize sand cores which reduces costs while retaining functionality.

Our on site, state of art heat treatment facility is ideal for aluminium alloy castings.

For larger size castings, we utilize a high-pressure die casting facility fully equipped to suit your needs.

For small, high-precision parts to be produced in large volume, we recommend Zinc alloy high-pressure die-casting.  This die-casting tool is resilient and has an impressively long lifespan.

With the capabilities to process up to 120 different resin types, we are experts in technically demanding moldings such as threaded parts.  Our clients continue to be impressed by the high quality molds we produce with this technology.  We also have the ability to overmold some of our castings or sheet metal stampings. We produce highly visual detailed parts for the most demanding customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations.

As your production volume changes over time, we can easily adjust to your business needs while assisting your R&D and engineers to migrate from one technology to another one as needed.  As your business grows, we can migrate from low-pressure to high-pressure casting technology.  Should production of your series need to be decreased (i.e. after-market), we can quickly and efficiently transition from high-pressure die-casting to gravity or low-pressure casting technology.  Our vast experience with a variety of materials allows us to replace one material with another based off our client’s needs (ex: metal to plastic, saving the metal core and overmoulding by plastic resin, etc).

We provide cast prototypes using 3D printed sand forms or print your parts directly from the required metal.  Using this rapid development technology saves crucial time and money.

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