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Martial Arts Academy s.r.o.
Martial Arts Academy Prague offer classes dedicated to individual development in all phases of life. From early childhood through adulthood, continual development (physical and mental) is the key to a healthy and fulfilling life. We believe that the study of martial arts at any age can push an individual to continually develop through training of the body and mind, development of core values, leadership skills and self confidence.

From ages 4-6 we teach children in our TIGER classes with a focus on discipline, keeping the classes full of energy and fun.

The TAEKWONDO FOR KIDS program starts from 6 years and focuses on the teaching of our core values of DISCIPLINE, RESPECT, HONESTY, SELF-ESTEEM, BELIEF and COMMUNICATION. We want our young people to know that leadership and success are in their own hands.

Adults will also find a place to grow through our classes. Focusing on discipline in all aspects of life along with the honing of important leadership skills our LEADERSHIP CLASSES are the perfect balance between training the body and training the mind.

The overall goal in EVERY class for EVERY age is that we SWEAT, we LEARN something new and we have FUN!

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