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We love cycling and if you look for a company that builds a fun cycling experience that takes you around the world, from your home, in just a few clicks, you are right here.

ROUVY is a global indoor cycling platform for athletes where everybody can compete, ride with friends for fun, exercise and do much more. Our ambition is to bring the Olympic Cycling Esport to ROUVY and our mission is to bring the world of cycling to your home. We connect the indoors and outdoors. 

We guarantee the best indoor cycling ecosystem with thousands of exciting virtual venues and exercise options, including the ability to race and ride on an almost endless catalog of routes. We just want to become a global leader in indoor cycling reality. Our partners include, for example, Tour de SuisseLa Vuelta, or Challenge families.


ROUVY´s core values:


Whatever we do, we focus on data analysis. In pursuit to be a customer-centric company, we can't do it without data. Data provides us with insights into what to focus on, how are steps are performing, and why our athletes are ride on ROUVY. 


We focus on providing more value to our customers. Customers come first – by creating value for them, we are able to grow our business. Keeping our athletes in mind in every step we do, we will be sure we are on track to deliver the most realistic indoor cycling experience. 

Operational excellence

We deliver our work in the best possible way. In everything we do, we need to deliver the best possible outcome. We think out of the box, set new standards, and drive the desire to ride indoors. We plan, estimate, validate and execute in the most efficient way.


ROUVY permanently hires and we have opened a number of interesting positions - across the country. We work in a hybrid system and have offices in Prague, Brno, and Vimperk. We are looking for partners who are good in their profession, have "drive" and will ideally share their love for sports with us.

You can find all information about us and job offers on our website. We are also active on LinkedIn. For a better introduction to how the ROUVY application works, we recommend watching the short video "How it works" or our attendance in DVTV. Or you can read one of our articles for Czechcrunch to learn more.

Did you know?

  • In 2021, we added 17 000 new routes to the app.
  • Most app users are from the USA; the Czech Republic is in 7th place.
  • In 2021, on the ROUVY was ridden 83,643,883 km
  • Total activities in the year 2021 - 3,630,522
  • One of our ambassadors is for example famous José Antonio Hermida

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